Friday, September 04, 2015

Kicking off the Holiday

I'm ready to start my Labor Day holiday weekend. I have no plans, a pile of books, ingredients for baking, and some music. I also have bad allergies right now. Ragweed isn't showing up in the pollen count, but I feel very, very ragweedy. I've got the drips and drainage, the itchy skin, the burning eyes, and that weighted-down sense of fatigue.

The pile of books and the music come thanks to my new greatest temptation. They opened a Half-Price Books next door to the grocery store, and they were having their extra 20% off sale this weekend. They got me before I even got in the door with their clearance CD rack, where I managed to snag several CDs of things that I have on cassette but now can't listen to in my car, plus some good writing background music. I also found a book I've been searching for and haven't found anywhere, a cookbook, and a few books I've read from the library but haven't found in stores. And I didn't even delve all that deeply. I didn't get a cart or a basket, so I limited myself to what I could carry.

Now, though, I'm utterly exhausted from my exertion. I should probably have started the daily Allegra a few days earlier because it will take a few days to kick in. I hope it kicks in soon because I'm singing in the chorale on Sunday. We're doing a fun little Renaissance piece.

I traditionally use Labor Day weekend as a brainstorming/research/mood setting retreat for the next project to kick off, so I need to decide which movies in my collection most remind me of the book I'm about to write. I'm not sure there's yet been a really good steampunk movie, so when I was planning the first book I mostly viewed things set in that time period.

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