Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Where I'll Be at FenCon

I spent much of yesterday editing video and now have a rough cut. I just need to do some precision trimming on the cuts and mix in the good audio. Our production is a little makeshift, since the camera records audio but doesn't have a microphone jack, so the audio isn't that good. So we use a separate audio recorder with a good boom microphone, and then I match the sound with the video in editing. That's actually pretty easy on the computer because it shows the waveform of the camera sound and the separate sound, and I just have to match them up, then mute the camera sound. And then I need to apply these skills to doing more book-related videos. But that will have to come after the convention this weekend. There's so much to do! If you're in the North Texas area (or are open to traveling on a whim), come to FenCon this weekend. Here's what I'll be doing. At my reading, I'll be debuting a brand-new story. There will also be cookies (probably my infamous Exploding Cookies). The story is long enough that there won't be time for discussion during that session, but the discussion can continue to my autographing session immediately afterward. This is a story that could end up being taken in some different directions, so I'll be doing a bit of focus grouping. I don't know if this is something I can just let stand alone as a complete short story, if it's the beginning of a full novel, or if the middle of it can be fleshed out a bit for it to be a novella. Of course, any work on this story will have to wait until I get a book proposal written, but that will happen after the convention.

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