Thursday, September 24, 2015

Important Convention Preparation

It's a pre-con day, so I'm busy with important preparations. Like baking cookies.  And trying to get my new DVR set up.

Yeah, I decided to take the plunge, since I'll be out this weekend and the fall season premieres are all hitting Sunday night, and the new digital format means my VCR now can only be programmed for one channel. I'm not sure how much I'll end up using it, but I'm giving it a try. Except that it won't set up. There's apparently an outage in my area that prevents it from being activated.

So I guess I'll be picking the show I most want to record Sunday night and setting the VCR, unless it gets fixed before I leave Friday morning. At least they're giving me a bill credit for this. The nice thing about it, when/if it ever starts working, is that the DVR is considered an extra on top of the cable service I get through my HOA. I don't get any reduction in the cost for it as a replacement for the regular converter box, which means I get to keep the converter box and use it on my bedroom TV. Not that I watch TV that often in my bedroom, but if I do have a burning desire to watch HBO in bed, I'll be able to do so.

I've told myself that it will be a huge timesaver, allowing me to skip through commercials and work my TV viewing around my writing time. We'll see. There's no contract, so if I decide it's not worth it, I can take it back. I know myself. I'll work extra hard to feel like I'm "earning" it, which might make it worthwhile, in and of itself.

Ah, the tricks I play on my mind.

Anyway, I'm off soon to go pick one of the guests of honor up from the airport and then go help set up the convention. I suppose I ought to give both myself and my car a shower first.

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