Wednesday, August 05, 2015

One of Those Days

It's being one of THOSE days. It started last night when a bad allergy attack hit right before I went to bed. I took Benadryl so I could stop sneezing enough to sleep, then slept hard for ten hours. Which meant I woke up two hours later than I planned. Then I checked my e-mail and found a gentle reminder about a guest blog post I was supposed to do. I hadn't forgotten it, but I'd marked it on my calendar and misinterpreted what I'd written down as the posting date as the date it was due. Panic! So I got that written and sent in time. Whew. And then I was planning to shoot my video, so I got all made up and dressed and was just about to start when they suddenly started the monthly alert siren test. One of the takes of my video shoot was interrupted by an "unknown number" cell phone call.

But I think I finally got a good take or two for the video. I could probably do better with more time, but it's probably silly to go too far overboard, considering the ones I've watched of other authors are mostly them just talking to their laptop cameras, and I plan to get a little fancier than that.

I have way more material than I can use for this one video, so I wonder if doing more like these and posting them to a YouTube channel would be a good promo tool. Would people be interested in that kind of thing? I'm way more into text and generally skip videos. I'd rather just read the information. But I know I'm not most people. And I do have that broadcasting degree I may as well use.

Now that I have makeup on, I suppose this is a good time to leave the house for errands, etc. I need to return library books, get my tires rotated and restock on day-to-day tea. It's a shame to waste a full makeup job. Though I might be overdressed for the tire store.

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