Monday, August 31, 2015

Down to the Wire

I'm down to the wire in getting this book done. I have a couple of hundred pages to read, so that means I'll be busy today! I wish I'd done more this weekend, but it was a busy weekend, with a convention planning meeting on Saturday and singing in three services Sunday. That meant I had to get up early, didn't really get a break all morning because I was running from service to service, and then was dead tired when I got home. So today there will be work. Lots of work.

And then tomorrow I'll mostly have this book off my back. I still need a title and I need back cover copy, and I'll have to review cover designs and interior layouts.

But once this book is done, I have some convention work to do and then I need to get really busy on my next YA steampunk proposal. I think, though, that I'm going to take some time to clean the house. That's good for brainstorming and thinking, and right now, the place looks like it's been ransacked. I haven't really been noticing because my head's been in a book for so long, but it suddenly struck me, and after a week in a hotel, it's starting to bother me. My sofa in particular is a mess of promo stuff I was putting together, newspapers I've been catching up on, and notes and notebooks relating to my various books. There's that one little spot where I can sit. That will be a good way to clear my head while I switch between genres.

Now, it's time to dig into the proofreading. I'm liking this book a lot as I read it. There are moments that really hit me, and I'm already getting scenes in my head that I want to put in a future book. No concrete external plot yet, but I know what I want to have going on in the character arcs.

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