Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kids in the Dark

I survived day two of Music and Art Camp. These kids really aren't that bad compared to some other classes I've had, but it's still exhausting. I usually spend my mornings sipping tea while catching up on the Internet, and instead I'm herding children from activity to activity, pushing them on swings during recess, dancing with them during movement time, marching around the room in tempo during music games, and singing with them in choir, which also involves a lot of standing and sitting (from kindergarten-sized chairs). Today, though, I was smart and took a little break during one of the activities. They have snacks for the volunteers, and I had a Snickers bar before I turned into some evil version of myself.

Then a power transformer down the street blew during closing time, so we had all the kids in a windowless auditorium with the power out. But they were pretty good and we just kept singing. The power came back, and we had most of the kids gone before it went out again, so we just took the remaining kids into a foyer that gets natural light to wait for their parents. A hundred or so kids singing a capella in the darkness was a rather nice moment.

I have copy edits back on the latest book, and I still don't have a title. Ack. I'll have to check with my agent to see how quickly she needs the finished book because with WorldCon next week, not a lot will get done this week, and my time at WorldCon is better spent mingling and promoting, then when I'm done mingling I have no energy or brainpower left.

Not that I have energy or brainpower left now. I think I may go do some shopping and take an item or two off the to-do list. I've realized that I've already worn most of my tops to past WorldCons, and while I don't expect that everyone remembers everything I've worn, if you've only seen someone a couple of times and every time they're wearing the same thing, that might be noticed.

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