Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mysterious Enemies

The current book continues to kill me. I thought I was making life easier on myself by not writing it in a mystery structure, so that we know who the villain is from the start and are just working to thwart the villain. But then I "discovered" that the villain has a co-conspirator in a different faction, and now I've reached a point where they're going to discover who that is … and I have no idea. I need to figure this out to move on.

This is the third Fairy Tale book, and this whole series has been this difficult for me. It refuses to be linear, and it refuses to be plotted. If I didn't already have a contract with Audible, I think I might be tempted at this point to backburner it and write the second Rebel Mechanics book, with hopes that my subconscious would work it all out in the meantime.

That's actually what I did with the first book in the series. I had a draft but wasn't happy with the resolution (and really the main plot leading to the resolution). I wasn't entirely sure how to fix it. So I backburnered it and wrote the first Rebel Mechanics book. And then the sixth Enchanted Inc. book. And then the seventh Enchanted Inc. book. And then I took another good look at it and worked it all out.

But I will persevere. I can't take five years to write this book, with three other books in between.

Today is going to be reasonably busy. I have errands to run and my final children's choir session, then choir rehearsal. But tomorrow and Friday I have nothing on the calendar, so I think I'm going to hunker down in a writing retreat and force myself to plow through it all. There may also possibly be some going to a remote location to brainstorm. Sometimes that helps. I just need some time to focus.

In the meantime, I need to decide who from that faction is most likely to be plotting and most likely to be deceived into teaming up with someone who should be the enemy.

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