Friday, April 17, 2015

A Musical Weekend

I must have overestimated my recovery yesterday. Not that I was feeling bad, but I was really drained after a busy Wednesday and couldn't get myself in gear. It's funny, writing isn't physical labor, but it still seems to require some degree of physical stamina. I guess the emotional strength it requires has to come from somewhere. Plus, I think I'm somewhat blocked on a scene. If this works like it usually does, I'll spend days procrastinating about it and dreading it, and then when I get back to it, I'll be able to fix it by changing two words.

Except I know it's not going to work quite like that because the scene has to change entirely. Some characters will be in a different place, doing different things. I'm only just starting to be able to see that happening in my head.

I will be having a very musical weekend, with a University of North Texas Jazz Singers concert tonight and the John Rutter concert Sunday night. The Jazz Singers leave me in awe -- they're a (mostly) a capella jazz choir, so tight that they sound like one voice, even when they're singing in harmony, and it's the kind of a capella sound where you don't even realize there aren't instruments because the voices do it all. Tonight they're also teaming up with the famous One O'Clock Lab Band (a college band that gets nominated for the Grammy for Best Jazz Album almost every year). I know this concert will make me wish I'd followed a different path in life. And then I'll remember that performing requires being around people a lot. I do enjoy performing occasionally, but I'm not sure I could deal with it as a way of making my living. I prefer the balance I have now, which involves mostly hiding away alone and occasionally coming out for a few moments in the spotlight.

This summer's going to be a bit more spotlight-y than I've had in a long time. I might even need to go shopping for some new clothes. Most of my wardrobe dates back to the last time I had to do a lot of public appearances.

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