Thursday, April 02, 2015

Easter Holiday

I think I'm going to consider tomorrow a holiday for Good Friday, since I have a big service to sing for that evening and I think I'll be going to the Arboretum during the day (assuming I ever hear back from the person organizing the excursion to find out specific details, like exactly when and where we're meeting).

Then I have a free Saturday that I think I'm going to spend working around the house and on the patio. When I was a kid, I liked to play outside and get really grubby the day before Easter. That made it even nicer to get all cleaned up with my hair washed before going to bed that night. So I may do something along those lines now -- spend the day working, then get all cleaned up and spend the evening relaxing before going to bed extra early.

And it's ridiculous how much I'm looking forward to this.

Today, though, I have to pretend to be an adult and take my car for its 30,000 mile service. Yes, this is a 7-year-old car. I don't drive a lot.

And then I have to continue fixing the book to fit the backstory I discovered. Yesterday I realized that there is a slight flaw to this backstory in that it might contradict something in a previous book, so I have to work out how that was a loophole or how that was a possibility then but the current thing is still supposed to be impossible.

I'm rather looking forward to finishing with this book and writing another steampunk book because that series is so nicely linear. It requires a lot of research, but the story flows pretty easily. I don't know why this one series goes against all my usual writing habits. I have to have music while I'm writing it, while everything else I write does best in total silence, and no matter how much I plot, I still end up doing that seat-of-the-pants thing where I never know what's going to happen next and it keeps morphing and shifting. That means there's a lot of going back and forth. With everything else I write, I have a solid outline and generally stick to it, writing straight through from beginning to end.

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