Monday, April 20, 2015

Back to the Cave

I had an unbelievably social weekend, with a concert Friday night, dinner with friends Saturday night, and another concert Sunday night, followed by yoga this morning and then a Starbucks trip with the yoga class. Now I need to crawl into my cave again for a while. But then there's a convention next weekend. And a concert and a party the following weekend. I'm getting the "busy schedule" twitches.

But in the meantime, there's that book I need to write.

Both concerts were wonderful, and rather different. The UNT Jazz singers are a vocal jazz choir, about 3-4 people on a part, and singing in really, really tight harmonies. I guess a good comparison to the style of music they do would be The Manhattan Transfer, but with more people. I'm pretty sure everyone in that group has to have perfect pitch because it's that tight, and they manage to sound like one person.

Then Sunday's concert was a 200-voice choir and orchestra. They performed Rutter's Requiem, and then they premiered a new Rutter piece, Gift of Life. And John Rutter himself was conducting. I've sung the Requiem before, and it was hard to keep myself from singing along. It's just so very beautiful. The new piece was also gorgeous, and the juxtaposition of death and life ended up being quite meaningful. Seeing Rutter conduct in person (and a world premiere, at that) was a bucket list kind of item.

I not entirely jokingly told our choir director (it was a choir field trip -- we loaded up the church bus to go) that if I make it big, I'll commission a Rutter piece for us. Maybe just an anthem rather than a major work, but something.

And that means I guess I need to work on a book, huh?

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