Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Bosses Day to Me

I went out this morning to get milk and a flu shot (since my pharmacy is at the grocery store), and I didn't realize that it was Bosses Day until I got to the grocery store and it was full of people buying balloons, flowers, cakes, etc. I've always thought that was a really weird "holiday." Yes, let's celebrate our torturers! They get more money and lots more perks, so the people down the ladder should totally buy them gifts! But then, I've had very few good bosses. The other ones may have found their way into my books …

But I decided to celebrate by buying some dark chocolate. I had to kill time in the store anyway. Last year, the pharmacist wouldn't give me the shot because of my allergies and insisted on the FluMist. This year, they didn't have FluMist, but the pharmacist said the shot problem only applied to one formula of the shot, and he had a different formula that should be okay. After double checking and making some calls, he gave me that shot, but suggested I hang around the store for about ten minutes and come back to the pharmacy if I started feeling weird. Of course, the moment you're told to notice if something feels weird, you become hyper aware and everything feels weird. So, even though I just needed milk, I browsed the aisles until it had been about ten minutes and I ended up buying more than milk (aha, it was an evil scheme!). Fortunately, I caught a sale on some things I needed to stock up on anyway, so it's not like I bought stuff I didn't actually need. They were just things that hadn't made it onto my grocery list, but I remembered them when I saw them on special. I was still breathing and hadn't collapsed by the time I was ready to check out, so I figured it was safe to leave the store.

The setting appointments with myself thing seems to be working. So far this week, I've taken care of a lot of things that have been sitting on my to-do list for weeks (like the flu shot), and setting a time has made me get them done. I've also done a fair amount of writing work. I just have about twenty pages to rework today (and I mean really, really rework), then I need to make another pass to tinker and smooth over the seams after the major surgery. In the meantime, I have page proofs/layout checks to do for two other books and a lot of pre-production stuff to take care of for one of them. I guess I'm going to earn that vacation because I'm going to be really busy until then. And then after the vacation, I'll have a new book to write.

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