Tuesday, October 21, 2014

At the Ballet

I took a long weekend, but it's back to normal today.

I did end up going to the ballet on Saturday, but drove instead of taking the train just because of the schedule (it takes a bit longer to take the train, and the train timing doesn't always fit). It turned out that the traffic nightmare I wanted to avoid by taking the train wasn't an issue because they finally finished the construction.

And I was so glad I went. I can't believe that this was only the second professional ballet I've ever been to, and the first with a live orchestra instead of recorded music. It was rather expensive, but I figure it was a two-for-one since it was a symphony and a ballet. I came out of it inspired to work harder on dancing. Not that I'll ever be at that level, but I have a better sense of what it's supposed to look like when it's done properly. They're doing all the same steps we do in class, but at an entirely different level. I enjoyed it enough that I'll have to do it more often. It's a splurge, but there aren't that many shows in a season.

I also realized how long it's been since I've been to downtown Fort Worth. They've re-done a lot of it. I may have to do a day trip sometime, take the train and spend some time exploring (weekday traffic and parking would be worse than on a Saturday). It's a smaller city than Dallas, but the downtown feels more like a "real" city than Dallas does.

Then on Sunday I went to visit my parents for a quick trip, and was home yesterday afternoon. Now I have to really get back to work because I have a lot to wrap up before next week's vacation and then a lot of stuff to do to prepare to travel.

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