Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A New Anxiety Dream

It's been a groggy morning because apparently my brain wanted to see the lunar eclipse, which was supposedly at its peak between 5:30 and 6:30 or so this morning. I was wide awake at 5:30 and went outside with my binoculars. I watched until it was just about complete -- right at the point where it went below the roof and treeline so I couldn't see the moon anymore without going out into the street. Then I went back to bed and overslept severely. During the oversleeping, I had my new recurring anxiety nightmare (joining the "I have an exam in a class I forgot I was taking and I don't remember where the classroom is" nightmare in the rotation). I'm leaving on a trip (sometimes returning) and I can't remember what time my flight is and can't find the reservation confirmation e-mail. In this case, it was a nightmare within a nightmare, in which I had the nightmare, with some bizarre details, then "woke" to realize that I still had plenty of time, thinking I would never do something like that, but then couldn't find the e-mail when I went looking for it. And then I woke for real from that dream and took a while to be sure I didn't have any flights currently booked. Also in that nightmare: I had my usual travel "tea kit," but realized at the last moment that I hadn't restocked after my last trip and didn't have any tea in it, just some sugar packets. I think that may have been more terrifying than the thought of missing my flight.

I think I've unraveled the plot problem I was having with my agent's revision suggestions. She wanted me to move a particular event earlier in the story, and I couldn't see how to do it. But once I started breaking it down, I realized that it made more sense in a lot of ways. The trick was finding when to move it, and then it just fell into place, practically with a snap and click. I just need to follow the ripples through the rest of the story and see how that affects everything else. Then there was a subplot she suggested I pull and hold for the next book, and last night I came up with something else entirely I want to do with that plot, so that works, too. So today I will be brainstorming how those things will change. Tomorrow I may dig into actually writing the changes.

Today, though, is going to be a music kind of day. I have to do lesson plans for children's choir, and then I have to work on some choir music. The adult choir is doing Vivaldi's Gloria this fall, and there's one tricky piece that we're practicing tonight where I need to get the note progressions for the fast parts into my head.

I think Thursday and Friday will be a revision binge. My goal is to have revisions done and the next book plotted before I go on vacation at the end of the month. Although my trip will be Wednesday through Saturday, I'm going to try to get into a vacation mindset at the beginning of the week and treat the whole week like vacation so that maybe I'll have started the relaxation part before I travel and can just enjoy the trip instead of finally reaching the unwinding phase right before I go home. Then maybe I'll be all energized when I get home and be ready to hit the ground running with the new book.

In other news, it looks like the audio, e-book and print book for this next book will all be ready at launch time. The audiobook is about to go into production.

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