Thursday, August 07, 2014

My Exciting Life

Happy birthday to me! I plan to celebrate by doing very little, though there is some shopping I want to do. I may also pick up some flowers to put on my patio, since I'll actually be home for the next couple of months and we may soon be back with the kind of weather that allows for going outdoors without bursting into flames (soon=the next six weeks or so). The real celebration of my birthday will come tomorrow, when I have plans with a friend. And then I'll see more friends on Saturday, though that's not technically about my birthday. I can just pretend it is. Next week is going to be absolutely crazy because I have music and art camp in the mornings (I'm volunteering, not attending) and then in the evenings we have audition "rehearsals" to find a new choir director (the candidates have to conduct a rehearsal with the choir, and then we evaluate them). I have a feeling that at noon on Thursday when I'm done with music and art camp, I will come home and barricade the door and not leave the house again until Sunday morning. I will be in serious need of unscheduled time by then.

Meanwhile, I'm more than halfway through this round of revisions on the book and my living room is mostly clean. The bar top that tends to be a dumping ground is fairly clear, and I'm going to get a mail organizer thingy to put on it to corral the incoming mail I have to deal that doesn't just get shredded right away. I was going to make a sarcastic remark about how exciting my life is, but then I remembered that at this time last week, I was on my way to New York. My problem at the moment is that my life has been a little too exciting.

In other news, I believe I have successfully cut myself off from Under the Dome. The first couple of episodes were fun, then it became fun to snark about, then it became full-on hate watching to really snark about. And then I missed an episode and found that it didn't at all detract from snarking about it. It's just as much fun to read the snarky recaps and forum posts, and I don't have to go through the frustration of watching all the too-stupid-to-live antics and terrible writing. Really, I should have given it up when the doorbell worked. The electricity has been cut off by the dome and people are surviving on generators (with a limited supply of fuel), and this was a central plot point in an episode. Then in the next episode, someone goes to someone's house and rings the doorbell, and it works. I can see making sure your refrigerator is running off a generator, but a doorbell is electric, and who would bother running the doorbell off a generator? Wouldn't you have other priorities when you have limited resources? And in a town with no electricity, who would ring a doorbell instead of knocking? That, right there, sums up this terrible show. And I am free of it, other than reading recaps and enjoying the fact that I'm no longer subjecting myself to it. The dome is probably saving the rest of the world from those idiots.

So instead of that dreck, I finally have the DVDs for Once Upon a Time and have been marathoning from the beginning, watching most of these episodes for the first time since they originally ran. I have such a love/hate relationship with that show, so be prepared for some epic rants. What they do right, they do very right. What they do wrong, they do oh so wrong and in very disturbing ways.

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