Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dragon Hunting

And another day with kindergarteners survived (barely). The shy girl has become rambunctious and barely shuts up (but is still hit or miss on actually participating). There were some clingy tears this morning when one boy didn't want his mother to go, but he eventually got over the pouting. The crisis of the day was the search for Toothless. One kid had brought his How to Train Your Dragon toy with him yesterday (even though he'd been told not to -- apparently the dragon stowed away), but the toy didn't make it home, and the mom asked if I could keep an eye out for it. Because the toy frequently got in the way, I knew for sure the last time I'd seen it, so I started tracking it from there and narrowed it down to two places it could have been left, but didn't find it there. It turned out that his big sister (one of my choir kids from a couple of years ago) was also on the lookout and spotted it first, so big sister saved the day and there was much rejoicing. I got thanked for looking for it and apologized to for it having come with him to cause so much trouble.

It does make me feel old when I've got the kids I remember as diaper-wearing toddlers who gazed enviously into the choir room when I had their older siblings. Funny, but they're a lot less eager when it actually is their time. I have a couple of kids who would have eagerly stayed and gone to choir when they were two and their big sisters were in my choir, but now they cling and cry for about five minutes after their mothers leave (maybe it won't be so bad when regular choir actually starts).

Now I just have to get through one more day of this and one more potential director audition night tonight (but we know this particular candidate, so the event should be highly entertaining).

The bad thing about having a choir rehearsal every evening is that it makes every day feel like Thursday, and then it's disappointing when it isn't. But tomorrow really is!

I spent yesterday giving info about the book to the cover artist. Now I need to get back to revising/editing. It's hard to do that when I'm so tired, but I really want to get it done so I can move on to something else. I've got a short story brewing that I'm pretty sure won't turn into a novel because I tried writing this basic idea as a novel and it just felt stretched out. I think it might actually work better in a shorter form where I can focus on the one main thing that's happening instead of trying to build too much around it.

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