Thursday, August 14, 2014

Brain Drained

I have survived my crazy week -- the music and art camp and the audition rehearsals for music director candidates. Now I'm contemplating a nap. I did a lot of heavy lifting today, having to move kids from one place to another, and then there was the one who had clingy spurts and came back to me as a kind of security blanket until he built back the confidence to run off again on his own. I also became the target of attack when they were doing a creative movement thing where they were being dragons to go with the music. Suddenly I came under dragon attack. There may be bruises.

But now I get some quiet for a while. The pastor and I were commiserating about that today as the kids were leaving. He's also been coming to the audition rehearsals and singing with the choir, so we've all had a busy week.

I really need to finish this book, but I'm tempted to take a short nap first because I know I'm not alert.

I know there's more stuff I should probably say, but I have very little brain left. I really don't know how people who have children at home with them all day function. I would go insane.

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