Friday, August 22, 2014


Yay, it's Friday, and Saturday starts the new season and the new Doctor on Doctor Who, though I may have to catch the late-night re-airing because a former co-worker is having a party that evening, and he lives far enough away that in order to be sure of getting home in time, I'd have to barely stay for the first hour or so of the party. Though I did warn him that I might have other obligations that day and might not be able to stay long. If I don't know most of the people there and am not having fun, I've already created an out. If I am having fun, then I can catch the later showing. I wonder how many people I used to work with will be there. Apparently, this is going to be a big "invite everyone we know" affair.

I'm already planning a kind of mini staycation for next weekend. After Friday night, I won't have plans for the rest of the holiday weekend, and then most of my weekends in September are already booked, so I'll need to recharge a bit to gear up for a busy month. I have a stack of books from the library and some new DVDs. The house is mostly clean (except the office), so I can relax.

I got a good start on a short story yesterday, though I started in the middle. I've since then figured out how it should start. I'm still not sure how it should end, and I should probably plan that before I start overly complicating things and it turns into a novel. The viewpoint character has a very fun voice to write in. I'm getting to unleash all my inner snark, and not in my usual nice Southern Belle "bless your heart" way. I think it will be very fun to read out loud. Getting it published somewhere would be a bonus. Assuming I finish it and it doesn't fizzle out. There are reasons why I've only ever successfully completed one short story.

I'm taking a partial day today to have some afternoon and evening fun, so I guess I'm sort of in vacation mode already anyway, in spite of doing some real writing. Yesterday, I hit the swimming pool for the first time this year that wasn't at a hotel or someone else's house. One thing I'll miss if I get a new house is having access to a pool, and I don't think I use it often enough to justify the hassle and expense of having one to myself. Still, it is nice to have when I want a swim. I'll probably get most of my pool time for the year in the next few weeks, with the kids back in school (so no screaming or splashing when I'm trying to exercise or relax) and the weather still hot.

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