Friday, June 20, 2014

This Means War

What did I do on my first "free" day after finishing a draft? I ran errands, got my car's oil changed, and waged war on fruit flies. The other day, I bought a fresh pineapple, and apparently it came with some little friends. It was still sitting in the grocery bag, and when I opened the bag, a swarm of flies came out. So I bought some flypaper strips, and battle commenced.

I'd thought flypaper was maybe something sticky on one side that you could lay down on a horizontal surface, but the only thing I found were these "ribbons" you have to hang up, and they're sticky on both sides. Very, very sticky. Like, those strips for waxing your legs. And they're rather long. That makes finding a place to put them a challenge. I ended up sticking one to the underside of the "bar" formed by the back of the kitchen counter, behind the sink, and I put the shopping bag with the pineapple on the floor next to it. Unfortunately, that's also near the laundry closet, and when I stepped back to open one of those doors to get something, well, I may have trapped myself. At least I got a bonus leg waxing out of it.

But so far I've counted more than 20 flies on the strip. I've also tried what a Facebook person suggested, leaving a tiny bit of wine out in a cup. Supposedly, in the morning I'd find a bunch drowned in the wine. But my fruit flies are either wine snobs or Baptists. I'm leaning toward Baptist, since I found them all perched on the edge of the cup, apparently inhaling the fumes without actually drinking. I switched to a little sherry in the cup, since the fumes can make me tipsy. I now seem to have a few very drunk fruit flies, but they still haven't fallen in.

See what happens when I'm not writing?

But now I'm going shopping because I have a convention next weekend, and I've realized that I hate most of my clothes, mostly because I've been wearing them for so long. I need to refresh my summer wardrobe.

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