Friday, June 27, 2014

On the Road Again

I'm about to head out to ApolloCon in Houston, so if you're going to be there, I'll see you there. It looks like I'm doing a lot of programming about media trends and fairy tale elements. They seem to have given me an entire hour for a reading, so I may do either a big chunk from the beginning of the upcoming steampunk book or from the beginning of the upcoming new contemporary fantasy series, depending on who's there and what they want to hear. I'll have my laptop, so there will be lots of material to choose from.

I spent the last couple of days fixing the formatting and accepting the copy edits on Book 4 so we can do digital releases outside the US. Then those who read English in the rest of the world will be able to get legal e-books of the first four books in the series. I got all nostalgic while doing that because I did the location research for that book en route on my first trip to ApolloCon, and I was writing the early chapters while I was there. I'd forgotten how much fun I had writing Katie's family (and they are not based on any actual family members of mine).

But even rereading that book didn't spark any ideas for more books in that series. Strangely, I found myself suddenly getting ideas for entirely unrelated short stories while I was working. I'm afraid that particular door really may have closed, unless something pops up later down the line. I was reading that book as a "stranger," without the sense of having written it, aside from remembering my research and the act of writing it.

Now for the last-minute out-the-door travel stuff, like taking out the trash and unplugging electronics (there's a chance of thunderstorms while I'm gone).

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