Thursday, June 19, 2014

Done! (For now)

I finished draft one yesterday. I already know a few things I want to change, including one big one that I think will add motivation to the ending, but I'll wait for overall revisions to make sure I'm really setting it up right. Then there's the thing that happened near the ending that kind of surprised me, and I need to go back and lay more groundwork for it. It's something that should fall into the category of "finally!" rather than being a surprise. I need to figure out what these characters were doing behind my back while I was busy with other people.

But it will be about a week and a half before I get into the revisions. The rest of this week, I'm getting my life in some kind of order and letting my brain rest. Last night I cleared off my sofa, which tends to turn into a rat-like nest when I'm working. This morning I took care of some errands, and I may do some more this afternoon. Then I want to finish cleaning house and do some reading. I'm going to visit my parents early next week (before they forget what I look like), and then next weekend is ApolloCon in Houston. After the con, I can get back to writing and maybe it will be somewhat fresh so I can do better revisions. I seem to be thinking about the book now more than I did when I was writing it.

In the meantime, I may also need to get to work on coming up with a cover concept for this series. And then there's cover copy. And finalizing the non-North American digital release of the Enchanted, Inc. series. So it's not like I'm going to be a slacker.

It does feel good to have that giant thing off the to-do list.

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