Monday, November 11, 2013

Round Two

Over the weekend, I finished this phase of the revisions, going through the editor's notes. I realized that one problem is that although I'm very clear in my head exactly when this is taking place and am trying to make almost everything that isn't changed by the plot fit that time period, I don't actually say anywhere in the story what the year is supposed to be. That may be why she keeps questioning things. So, an author's note and maybe a page stating the place and year might be in order. I think I had something in there during one draft, but it was in a scene that probably ended up being cut because it was nothing but exposition.

Today, I start doing the heavy-duty tinkering on my own, without referring to the editor's notes, fixing stuff like not fully explaining how the magic works. In this world, magic works as a power supply, so even non-magical people can use magically powered devices. These devices are just very expensive because magic is expensive for people who don't have it, themselves, and that limits who can own them. I thought I left enough hints, but apparently it isn't clear. Sometimes, I'm too subtle for my own good. I'm hoping this phase will go more quickly because of less time spent arguing out loud with a person who isn't even there.

One thing I'm really appreciating about this editor and that I think I'll enjoy about working with a less commercial, more literary imprint is that she is in no way trying to Twilight my book by emphasizing romantic triangles or teen romantic angst. I just started reading another steampunky YA novel last night, and in the opening chapters of the book, the two main female characters have met three young men, all of whom are described in great detail to prove how devastatingly gorgeous they are, and they've all had an intense instant attraction, romance novel-style. One of them is, of course, a dark and dangerous bad boy who might actually turn out to be a villain (except he won't). I found myself rolling my eyes. My editor has deleted a lot of the stuff I thought I'd have to put in to sell a YA novel, so I'm being allowed to have much more subtle relationship development. There doesn't have to be an insta-crush with every hot guy who comes along, and not all the guys have to be instantly seen as hot. Sometimes, a person can grow on you.

I just realized I have nothing to eat for lunch. I have no leftovers and nothing for a quick meal like a sandwich. It may be a cheese-and-crackers kind of day. But I have a pork shoulder cooking in the Crock Pot, so this will not be a problem for the rest of the week.

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