Monday, November 04, 2013

Back Home

I'm back from the convention, and now I'm very glad that I didn't give in to the whim to extend my stay so I could relax a night before driving home because yesterday was clear and today it's raining, and I hate driving in the rain. I ended up having a good time at the convention, though I think it was probably better for research than for publicity. I got to examine some vintage clothing and see how clothing from the period has been reconstructed. They also had a traveling technology museum, so I got to see an original Edison phonograph and hear it played. It's amazing to think of how life-changing that must have been. Up to that point, the only way to have music was to play it yourself or be with someone who was performing.

Otherwise, I got to hang out with some friends and meet new people. My cape got a lot of attention. Of course, I forgot to get anyone to take pictures. I'll have to take some today to post. My one encounter with Patricia Wrede, the author guest of honor, was in an elevator, where she examined the cape. She'd seen a photo of the pattern but hadn't seen one made. And I came home with two new hats. I figure I'll need some fun things to wear if I have to do booksignings or school visits with this book.

I was silly and set the appointment for my annual furnace check-up for this morning, so I had to get up early and get the house in enough order that it was possible to have access to the major things they needed to check, but now the guy has come and gone, and that task has been checked off for the year. He discovered that the air vent in my bathroom had been painted shut. That explains so much. I can't believe I never noticed in all the years I've lived here. It was the adjustment knob thing that had been painted over, and he managed to pry it loose to open the vent.

Now that the knitting is done and the convention is over, I really have to dive into the revisions. I'm in the right frame of mind after a steampunk convention, and it's cool and rainy, so it's perfect writing weather.

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