Monday, April 01, 2013

No Fooling

You wouldn't think that singing for three Easter services would leave you physically sore, but somehow it did. I think perhaps I was a wee bit tense while standing for the various music bits. I mostly feel it in my knees and the backs of my calves and then in that spot between the shoulder blades in my back. I'm kind of tempted to take today off as a holiday to make up for the extra weekend work, but the weather is supposed to shift to what I consider good reading weather, so I may try to accomplish some things today so I can take that time to read. I have a book I've been looking forward to, and it seems like it might be perfect for a cool, rainy day.

There was massive geeking over the weekend, with the return of Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, plus a different kind of geeking with the return of Call the Midwife on PBS and the Mr. Selfridge series on Masterpiece. I was so-so on the Selfridge movie, but it kind of made me want to go shopping. I haven't had that urge in ages. Unfortunately, we don't have any stores around here that are anything like that.

For those who saw the new Doctor Who, you might want to rewatch "Asylum of the Daleks" from last fall. There are some eerie parallels that I'm sure have to be intentional. They didn't occur to me while watching the new episode, but I rewatched the older one later because it's available OnDemand, and that's when it jumped out at me.

I suppose I should have thought of an elaborate prank for April Fools Day, but the trick of the Internet is that it's always out there, and someone can find something days/weeks/months/years later and not notice the date it was originally posted. I'm always getting e-mails or comments on blog posts that are years old that someone found while searching for a topic. I guess Facebook or maybe Twitter is about the only really safe place to play a big prank. I'm not even sure what I'd try to trick people into believing is true. Frankly, I'm too tired today to play pranks.

Now I think I'm going to go choreograph (mentally -- moving isn't a happy thing right now) a fight scene. It's the one thing I want to tinker with on the current project.

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