Friday, April 12, 2013

The Mama Complex

After posting about that "Mama" situation, I had it happen yet again yesterday in Target. That kid sounded so distressed as she reached her hands in my direction and screamed "Mama!" that I was afraid someone would stop that woman and accuse her of trying to kidnap my child. I thought at first that maybe she was just demanding her mother's attention because there was something in my general direction that she wanted, but I was in the cleaning products aisle, so unless the kid is a budding neat freak, I don't think she was having a Target temper tantrum meltdown about wanting bathroom cleaner.

Meanwhile, there was a sale on yarn at Michael's. This is potentially dangerous. I got some darker blue to make a throw for the living room. I'd wanted a burgundy red, but all they had was more of a clear red that was gorgeous but that wouldn't have quite worked. In my house, when all else fails, go with blue, even though the sofa is green (I couldn't find a blue one, and the idea was that it would go with an Oriental rug that had green, blue and red in it, but I still don't have the rug).

The real exciting news for the day was an announcement from the HOA that they've renegotiated our cable contract, so now we get the HD converter as part of our deal and we get an extended range of channels that includes BBC America. I wasn't getting that other than OnDemand, so now I should theoretically be able to see Doctor Who when it airs. I say theoretically because when I checked after getting the e-mail, I didn't have it, but I've re-set the converter box since then. I'm not sure about getting the HD box because the current TV only has one HDMI input, so I'd have to unplug the cable to watch a Blu Ray. I have plans to get a larger TV, but considering how long it's taking to finalize the book contract, I'm not spending that money until it's in my hot little hands. I'm also concerned about whether the HD converter box would have a coaxial output (or maybe AV) because I do still use my VCR, I don't have a DVR, and this deal doesn't include the converter box with a DVR. So, swapping out converter boxes isn't a high priority at the moment, but is something I may consider when I get the money from this latest book deal.

Now for a day of treasure hunting.

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