Monday, April 29, 2013

Dies Irae!

I survived my crazy weekend, more or less. I don't have much in the way of a voice at the moment and I'm a little sore (I guess I was standing very stiffly), and I have the Requiem running through my head more now than I did before we performed it, including mental images of the score, complete with my notes on it. I'm looking forward to a day of not leaving the house, not interacting with people (except online, maybe) and being quiet. Still, it was a good weekend. I love singing big choral works and I love classical music, and it's fun to every so often get to pretend I'm performing in a real classical concert.

In fact, I have so much fun that it's probably a good thing I was positioned so the audience couldn't see me because I kept grinning, and that's not really appropriate for a Requiem. My favorite movement is the Dies Irae, and it's so much fun to sing that I can't help but light up. So we're singing about the day of wrath, the day of anger when the world will dissolve in ashes, and I'm going "Wheeeeee!" with sheer glee.

I need to find something else to listen to so I can get it out of my head, though. I dreamed it last night, and it's running through my head even now.

I have to finish reviewing copy edits today, then I may take a bit of a break before doing a final proofreading pass, since I'd likely proofread in Latin today anyway. ("Dies irae! Dies illa!") Then I have all of last night's PBS to catch up on. Once I get this book completely off my plate, I can work on my workshop for this weekend and then get back to developing a new book.

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