Friday, April 26, 2013

Mozart on the Brain

I now have the Requiem totally stuck in my brain. I find myself wanting to speak Latin, though the only Latin I know is the kind of church Latin in works like this. Strangely, I can translate it pretty well in spite of never having studied Latin. I know what I'm singing without having an English translation handy. I have a little practicing to do before tomorrow's final rehearsal because there were a few tricky spots, and since we'll have assigned seats I may not be able to use last night's strategy of sitting among the college kids who've been schooled in this piece. I do hope that the director remembers from when I was in his choir that I'm the oddball who likes to sit on the edge of a section. If you're taking cues from other people in the section, you'll be a split second late, but in a complex piece like this where everyone is singing something different, if you listen to another part you can anticipate your cue more easily. He rearranged things to put the men in the middle last night, so I ended up sitting next to a bass, and that suddenly made everything so much easier for me. It had been weird sitting totally surrounded by sopranos since in my choir I usually sit next to an alto.

Though it was a little disconcerting that the bass was a skinny little college kid not much taller than I am, and yet he had this really deep voice. The first time he sang, I had to do a double take to confirm that the voice I heard really was coming from him.

Now to go tackle today's to-do list of insanity while Mozart runs through my brain. I'm about halfway through the copy edits, and they're mostly light, though the typo fairy seems to have visited my manuscript because the editor caught two, and I almost never have typos because I'm an obsessive proofreader. The English version will be slightly different from the Japanese version that I've already turned in because the copyeditor is a fan of the books and asks fangirl questions in addition to proofreading, and those questions sometimes result in tweaks.

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