Friday, October 07, 2011

Looking Forward

The air has that peculiar "pre-rain" feel to it, but the chances of rain in the forecast are really low. I've got my fingers crossed, though. Not only are we in a major drought so we desperately need rain, but I could really use a rainy Sunday afternoon. My weekends have been very busy for about a month, and Saturday is going to be kind of crazy in wildly diverse ways (fortunately, the fun part comes after the potentially difficult part), but I have nothing planned for Sunday, for the first time in ages. A rainy afternoon spent on the sofa with a good book would be just what the doctor ordered.

Though there could also be some movie watching going on, as I'm about to go out and buy a Blu-Ray player. I've been too busy/sidetracked to spend my birthday money (from two months ago), and I've had an HD TV for about five years without HD input. I can now get a Blu-Ray player for half what my DVD player cost back when I got it, so I figure it's about time. Of course, that means I'll have to get something on Blu-Ray to watch. I don't think I want to start replacing things I already have on DVD, so that limits me somewhat, as there isn't much that I don't have that I really want. I've already got season one of Haven in Blu-Ray coming from Amazon (I've heard that show is absolutely gorgeous in HD, thanks to the location shooting -- I need to go to Nova Scotia), but I'll want something to watch before that shows up, and since the Amazon warehouse is no longer a couple of miles from my house, shipping may take a little longer than it used to.

One thing I'm not doing this weekend is going to my high school reunion. I went to the first two and had fun, but I think I've reached the point where I'm ready to put that chapter of my life behind me. I haven't really stayed in touch with those people, though now I do hear from more of them on Facebook, and I don't have much in common with them. I'd rather look forward, and I already had an event scheduled with my current friends. Now I also have a memorial service for a friend's child, so I have a double excuse involving the people who are currently important in my life. I got the sense that this event would be not for me when they decided to hold it in a hotel where they could have a bar and a DJ and when all the "awards" they're giving out seem to have to do with marriage and children. It's all stuff like longest marriage, most marriages, most recent marriage, most children, most grandchildren (Yikes!), etc. Surely there are other things to recognize as life accomplishments. Like, say, most books published. Or even who can still wear her prom dress.

Now off to go shopping, and then back to work on the Problem Child. I hit a wall yesterday when I realized there was something seriously wrong with an existing scene, but then I figured out how to fix it while I was making breakfast this morning.

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