Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Preparation

I got a late start this morning after staying up and watching the end of the World Series game. I thought that since I'm a good luck charm in person (the Rangers never seem to lose when I'm at a game) I might help them when I watch on TV. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to hear all my shouts of, "Just one more strike, and you win the World Series. No, that was a hit. That's not what you wanted."

In addition to finally doing something with my Stealth Geek blog, I've also revived my semi-defunct cooking blog, The Mildly Adventurous Chef. Yesterday's cooking adventure was pulled pork in my Crock Pot.

I started re-reading that fairy tale book I mentioned earlier this week, and you know, I really like it. It's young adult, which was a departure for me, and it's possible that it didn't find a home because it's not the angsty Twilight stuff that's taken over the YA market. There's no real love triangle, for instance, and no vampires at all. There are a few things about it that I'm reconsidering, but I won't make any decisions about what to change about it until I've read the whole thing through and maybe had someone else give it a sanity check. Then I guess I'll have to work out how to do a cover (I have a cover in mind but will have to figure out the logistics of producing it) and how to do all the formatting/uploading. Maybe I should aim at getting it out there around Christmas, so people who get new e-readers for Christmas will have something to buy. That will depend, though, on how much work it ends up needing. If I'm going to experiment with e-publishing, I may as well go for it with something I've already written that probably won't sell to a major publisher but that I think there may be a market for.

Now I have to get ready for Halloween. I need to bake for Saturday night's party, and there's an item I may need for my costume. I could do without it, but the alternative I already have isn't all that comfortable. This particular costume is maybe a little more edgy than I usually go, but then again, there was the year I was the Generic Urban Fantasy Book Cover:

The (temporary) "tramp stamp" tattoo is a bunny rabbit, because that's what I had handy. I couldn't be a Generic Urban Fantasy Book Cover without a tattoo. And those pleather pants are like wearing a sauna. I may have lost five pounds that night. But at least they're easy to wipe off after a small child has climbed all over me with sticky hands. The smile probably isn't representative of the Generic Urban Fantasy Book Cover, but I couldn't stop myself, and this wasn't the camera/photographer who captures my evil side.

Tune in Monday to see this year's costume.

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