Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stormy Weather

I got sooo much written yesterday, largely due to some massive storms that came through that meant I not only didn't go to choir practice but also had good rainy writing weather while I stayed home. I may be a weather weenie for being extremely reluctant to drive in the rain, but I consider it good common sense not to hit the road when the tornado sirens are going off and the National Weather Service has just put your specific area under a tornado warning. Considering that not too far from where I would have been driving and at about the time I would have been driving, a semi truck was flipped over by the wind, I think I made the right call. My little blue box would have probably gone flying through time and space.

I'm probably going to have to rewrite some of what I wrote yesterday, but then most of what I wrote yesterday involved a plot twist that came to me out of the blue -- on a book I've been thinking about for years. Now I need to figure out how to optimize this plot twist.

I think today may be a big writing binge day, as it's still stormy, I don't have anywhere in particular I need to go other than the library, and I'm so close to the end I can practically taste it. I've been aiming at 100K words, but these days they don't really want books that long, so I'm now at the point I'm not going to worry so much about word count, just about getting to the end of the story.

Now off to enjoy my writing binge!

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