Monday, June 15, 2009

Done (for now)

I finished the book -- well, the first draft of it -- so late Saturday night that it was actually Sunday morning. Then it took me forever to get to sleep because after the adrenaline surge toward the end and the victory dance after finishing, it was hard to settle down. And, wouldn't you know, I woke up an hour earlier than normal the next day. I had time to run to the grocery store and back home, put the groceries away and check e-mail before it was time to head to church. Of course, the tiredness hit me right when church started, and since I'd eaten breakfast earlier than normal, that's when I suddenly got hungry. I spent Sunday afternoon doing some extreme napping and enjoyed guilt-free TV watching. Finishing a book always feels like the first few days after the end of school, where it feels weird not to have anything you're supposed to be doing.

Today, though, the revision process starts. I'll allow myself more of a break after I've shipped this sucker off to my agent. I know I'm going to have to do some work on the end because I completely forgot about one of the characters -- someone who would be there and should be there, but I forgot about him until I'd reached the end.

Meanwhile, I finally gave in and turned on my air conditioner on Friday. I really hate it because it's noisy. My house is ideally situated for the summer because I have the northeast quadrant in a four-plex, which means I only get direct sun in the mornings when it's cool, and I'm in the shade by the time it gets really hot. Most of my east-facing windows are shaded somewhat on the outside, and the one that isn't, I have an extra layer of blinds on the inside. Then I have very high ceilings and ceiling fans in the major rooms, so the house stays pretty comfortable. The air conditioner only becomes necessary when temperatures get above 95, if it's really humid and when it doesn't drop below 80 through most of the night. We hit all three of those this weekend, but I think getting to June 12 before turning on the AC is pretty good for Texas.

Today's revision agenda: charting the book scene-by-scene so I can get a structural overview and figure out which scenes are redundant or unnecessary on a goal/conflict level.

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Carradee said...



I'm looking forward to reading this work, whenever you get it sold. :-D

And that does sound like a nice amount of time to wait before utilizing the AC. I'm in SC, myself, and my family just started using it a few weeks ago. (...That we just got central air installed a few weeks ago doesn't have anything to do with it, promise!)