Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Early Morning

It was yet another early morning, but this time it was because I had to go to the church to work on some music for next weekend's concert. Still, I woke up before the alarm went off, and I was even early getting there. Me being early for something in the early morning falls into the "alert the media!" category.

However, I'm not sure that this earliness is actually good for me. Early birds claim that they have more energy from morning exercise, but I've found that I end up dragging by mid-afternoon, and the pre-breakfast exercise means I'm starving all day. Seriously, anything that stood still in my house for more than a few minutes yesterday was in danger of being devoured. I have lots of fresh fruit, so I tried eating cherries, strawberries and blueberries, but that didn't even take the edge off the hunger, so I gave in and went for the cheese. And then had chicken and pasta for dinner. Then when I was hungry a couple of hours later I had a glass of milk and some chocolate-covered raisins and almonds. I seem to recall dreaming of food last night. When I exercise right before lunch, I find that I'm not too hungry all afternoon, and I have energy all afternoon. Perhaps I can consider this scientific proof that I really am not meant to be a morning person.

Yesterday was one of those "I never could get the hang of Thursdays" days. I ended up with nearly four hours worth of actual revision work, by the stopwatch, and I did some other work-related things that I didn't time, but it was like pulling teeth to get anything done. I am seriously contemplating an afternoon nap, or maybe a reading session, today, since I had the usual problem of waking up every few minutes to make sure I wasn't oversleeping (that's one of the main reasons I don't like early morning obligations. I can get up fine. It's the being afraid of not being able to get up that gets to me).

In other news, Don't Hex with Texas has been released in Japan, with yet another very cute cover:

I like how the artist seems to have actually read the book (or been given very specific instructions from someone who's read the book) to find all those little vignettes to illustrate. Apparently, they really like me in Japan.

I've been seeing the pre-convention notices for ApolloCon, and I'm a little sad not to be going this year, but not only do I not really have the funding for too much con travel, I also have a concert that Sunday night, and I'm singing a duet, so I really couldn't skip out on it (plus, the dress rehearsal is Sunday afternoon, and I never would have made it back from Houston in time). We're singing "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music, so I'm getting at least a tiny bit of my childhood dream of performing in that show. I'm already getting minor panic attacks, so maybe I'll have them out of the way before the concert.

Next year, they're talking about moving the summer concert, which is a sort of patriotic/pops thing, to Memorial Day weekend, which means it won't conflict with ApolloCon, and I hope to be able to make it back to the con because that's one of my favorites. Last year, I stayed on through Sunday night, so I got some "hanging around in a nice hotel room" time to relax after the convention ended.

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Carradee said...

Re: the constantly hungry thing, are you sure you're not dehydrated?


Also, try having a sausage biscuit in the morning. I barely even get hungry for lunch when I do that.