Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weekend Extra

Would you believe it snowed this morning? In April, in Texas? This may be one of the worst Easter cold snaps I've seen, especially for one this late in the year. I spent the morning drinking tea at the kitchen table, listening to Josh Groban, watching it snow and working crossword puzzles (I did the Saturday New York Times puzzle without even looking anything up!).

And now I'm about to go crawl under the electric blanket to read or watch a movie because I've decided that snow in April in Texas is rare enough to declare a holiday. Baking may be involved, I mean beyond the blueberry muffins I already made for breakfast.

I'm guest blogger at the To Be Read blog today. And by guest blogging I mean posting pictures of castles from Germany. So if you're interested in my crazy castle photography hobby, check it out. If there's enough response, maybe I'll continue the series with more castles, because I have tons of them. I haven't yet posted the ones I have enlarged and hanging on the wall up my staircase. You wouldn't believe some of the positions I manage to get myself into to get some of these pictures -- icy, rickety bridges, hanging out of car windows, clinging to mountainsides, climbing ruined towers, etc. I'm generally not very happy about bridges or heights, but something happens to me when I have a camera in my hand and a castle in the viewfinder and I get very brave. I don't like going very high up in a skyscraper, but I'll climb the crumbling steps of a ruined castle tower because, hello!, it's a castle!

Which reminds me, I need to renew my passport.

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