Friday, April 27, 2007

Glamour Girl

I had my photo shoot for the Dallas Morning News article today. I felt like such a fashion model. We did the picture on the chaise lounge in my loft, where I do a lot of my writing, so I got to do that elegant leaning thing, and I wore the Infamous Red Stilettos, of course. Then the moment the photographer was gone, I changed into comfortable jeans, a t-shirt, and cloth Chinese shoes, though I still have the makeup and fabulous hair. Now I'm having to fight the urge to take the rest of the day off to "celebrate" getting that out of the way. I still have more work to do.

I also got through the Angry Italian Opera Aria yesterday. I didn't manage to start out too angry or emotional, but I think I was there by the end, and I was even having fun. Now the class is over for the semester. We can go by on Tuesday to pick up evaluations. I'm trying to decide if I want to do that. I guess it would be good to see what she said so I can improve, but I'm not getting a grade in the class, and I was really taking it for the experience of singing in front of people rather than for any actual vocal training. We'll see how things are going on Tuesday, considering there might be something else going on that day. You know, a minor little event.

I am working on the Great Blog Promotion interviews and columns. I got a few typed up last night but will have to proofread, as I was doing that while watching Supernatural and might occasionally have been distracted. I'll be sending those out today and tomorrow. And then we will bombard the world with news about the new book! As no decision on book 5 has been made yet, it will really help its chances if this new book hits with a big bang (if you need additional incentive to participate in spreading the word). Go, go team!

Now I have to go finish my interviews. Y'all asked some interesting questions, and the character ones are a lot of fun because they're forcing me to get into those people's heads. This could be insight that ends up giving additional shadings to book five.

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