Monday, April 23, 2007

Out of the Mountains

I'm back home from Colorado. It was a great conference and I had a ton of fun. Nobody threw rotten vegetables at me, so I'm assuming my workshops went okay. I never know how much to report about these things because it's hard to tell what might be interesting to anyone else. When I wasn't giving workshops I got a chance to hang out with my agent and a bunch of other editors and agents who were hanging out with my agent. I met some really cool people. There was this amazing chocolate cake served for dessert at one meal. I don't seem to adapt entirely well to high altitude and really dry air. Anything else anyone wants to know? I didn't get to do any sightseeing, but I've been there before and have seen the Garden of the Gods and a few of the other sights, and we lived there when I was very little, so Colorado Springs isn't entirely foreign to me. If they invite me back again, maybe I'll try to arrange some time for touring.

I worked on my various blog interviews on the airplane and when I had downtime, so I'll now be trying to decipher my handwriting to type those out and get them back to you this week. Anyone else have something for me?

I was very fortunate that my return flight was on time because I had a ticket to see Wicked last night. I'd seen it before and wasn't that excited about it, so I didn't try to exchange it for another performance. I just had to hope that my flight would be on time. If it was, I'd make it. If it wasn't, I was in trouble. The flight was supposed to come in at 5:55. It made it at 6:00. The show was at 8. I got in my seat about two minutes before curtain (but then they started about five minutes after that). And this time around, I really loved it. I don't know if it was the cast, the performances or just my frame of mind, but I really got into it. Glinda totally stole the show, I thought. Now I think I want to get the CD to play in the car during all that driving around Texas I'll be doing next month.

Now I seem to have a mile-long to-do list and very little motivation. Maybe I'll get the crucial must-dos out of the way, then let myself relax and do stuff like catch up on TV I taped. Mom hinted about something happening on Stargate, so I need to check that out. Then tomorrow I'll really need to get going, since there's a minor little thing happening in my life next week that I should get ready for.

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