Thursday, April 19, 2007

Quick Note

Today's going to be one of those terse days, I suspect. Loads to do before I can leave town in the morning, like, oh, finishing my presentation for one of my workshops.

I survived last night's talk, and there were people there (yay!). Now I just hope that people actually turn out for my booksignings.

Thanks to those who gave feedback on e-book formats. It looks like text is the way to go, which makes things easier on me. Stay tuned to discover if this becomes relevant ... (yes, I'm being an evil tease again)

I'm getting in more questions and requests for the Great Blog Campaign, and I'll be getting answers and other stuff back to you next week. In fact, I'm printing them out and taking a notebook with me to work on the plane tomorrow. After I finish the American Way crossword puzzle, of course.

But now I have to run by the bank and post office on my way to class.

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