Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Writing Brain Mode

I started outlining my possible standalone novel so I could write a synopsis last night, and I'm now solidly back in writing brain mode. In other words, I can't seem to sleep. I hope they like this idea enough to buy it because now I really want to write it. The characters started coming to life in my brain last night, acting out scenes. I'm seeing it almost like a movie.

Then once I get that synopsis written, I'll turn to book 5 of my series. I bet then I really won't get any sleep. Those characters tend to get jealous when I write about other people, so I'm sure they'll start nagging me soon enough.

I am so far behind on e-mail, it isn't even funny. I didn't realize that I have reader mail going all the way back to September. Occasionally I get into procrastination mode about something and can't seem to make myself deal with it, even if it's something I like doing and want to do. I also have friends and family members I need to respond to, but lately, as addicted as I am to e-mail, I've been cringing and shying away from it. I'm making that tomorrow's mission, to finish dealing with it all, once and for all.

Meanwhile, my cleaning and organization mission continues. Today I hit the stores and got some storage stuff, including some stacking plastic drawers to go inside my bathroom cabinet (because they didn't bother to include actual drawers when building my house) and a DVD/video shelf. A lot of the clutter in my living room is the stacks of DVDs that have no place to go. My electric screwdriver is currently recharging, and then I'll finish putting it together, then put all the DVDs away. It's sad how excited the idea of this makes me. Housewares stores can be really, really dangerous for me. I find myself thinking a bit beyond where I currently am, to the point where I find myself imagining the swanky parties I could throw if I just got a few things. I think first I need to get to the point I'll open the front door more than a crack before I need to even think about throwing parties.

Meanwhile, I found another fun procrastination tool at Library Thing. My user name is shannaswendson, in case you want to see what I have in my library. I've only just started, so this is in no way complete. I've been a wee bit obsessive about making sure that I'm putting in the exact edition that I have. Not that it matters all that much in the long run. There's one book where I'm the only person who has it listed, but that's because it hasn't been released yet and I happen to have the manuscript. Ha! And I'm not talking about my own book. Though I suppose I should add that one, since I do own it, in a sense, and have read it. Hmm, on that one, I wasn't the first. Funny. I'm the author, it hasn't been released yet, and I'm not the first one to catalog it!

I bet my screwdriver has recharged, so off to play with my new toys!

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