Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The To-Do (But Don't Really Want To) List

Yesterday I was very tired, couldn't seem to get warm, and had a splitting headache. It finally occurred to me that I might be sick. Even if it wasn't a germy kind of thing, it's entirely possible that my body went on strike after all I've put it through lately. I felt a bit better after sleeping the afternoon away. I woke up again with a headache this morning, but I suspect sinuses might be involved because taking a decongestant made a big difference.

I'm not adapting well to having free time (though the sick and/or body on strike thing could have something to do with this). I finally have all the time I need to take care of all sorts of little tasks, and I find myself not wanting to do anything at all. I don't have the excuse of not having time to deal with it. I just don't want to. I really do seem to have two speeds: on and off. I'm either going nuts and running myself ragged, or I can't seem to do anything at all and turn into a total slug.

Maybe I should go with it for a while, though I do want to clean my house. I'm reading a really good book right now, and for some very strange reason, that makes me want to have a clean house. It's like I feel I'm doing the book a disservice by not reading it in an appropriate atmosphere. It's not a book that should be read surrounded by piles of clutter. I suspect the decongestant will help with that, because it's going to make napping difficult. There's a reason you practically need a criminal background check, a note from your doctor and a note from your mother (notarized) to buy that stuff these days. If just taking a Sudafed does this to me, I think I'll stay totally away from the crystal meth. That would be overkill (probably literally).

I'm overjoyed that Friday Night Lights, my new TV addiction, got a full-season pickup. Go, NBC! Let's hope that giving well-made shows with a small but devoted fan base time to build into something more becomes a new trend. It's so much better than yanking something that's not an instant hit.

And, wouldn't you know, when I have time to play online, Television Without Pity seems to be down? It's a conspiracy to make me clean my house.

Speaking of television, So Say We All, the book on Battlestar Galactica, is out now. I got all excited to see my name on the back cover. I feel like such a star. Here's the link to B&N. I guess I need to update my web site. Just one more item for the To-Do (But I Don't Really Want To) List.

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