Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cleaning and Organizing Adventures

I'm feeling rather tired and accomplished at the moment. Today I cleaned my oven, cleaned the downstairs bathtub, rearranged the whole vanity/countertop area to mostly clear it and sorted through a box of stuff that had been sitting in the niche under the counter that I presume is supposed to be for a stool or chair. Based on the contents of the box, I'm guessing it was what had been in my nightstand before I moved into this house. There were a lot of school photos of friends, a few other little sentimental items, my diaries and a lot of random pamphlets and brochures. I am very proud to say that I did not get sidetracked by looking at the photos or reading the diaries.

I'd bought one of those tension rod shelf holders for in the bathtub so I could get all the shampoo bottles off the rim of the tub for easier cleaning in the future, and that turned out to be a bit of an adventure. There was a piece of it you were supposed to put together, according to the instructions. Only, it had already been put together in the box, and it had been put together the wrong way. I didn't realize this until I'd put together the rest of the rod, so I then had to try to take it apart. That involved much wrestling and even the trick of filling it with ice while pouring hot water on it. Then I discovered that it must have been designed to sit on the floor and go up to the ceiling. I left out one section so I could put it on the rim of the tub. Then I found that my tub is ridiculously high (it's a garden tub), while my ceiling in that area is rather low, so I had to take the spring out and just wedge the rod in there. But I did it. Go, me!

Now I need to iron my freshly washed shower curtain and put up the new liner so I can take a shower tonight, but that may have to come later as I also need to collapse for a while. Tomorrow I'll go back to doing writing-type work. I guess that oncoming storm front made me all restless the way that kind of thing tends to affect animals.

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