Monday, May 09, 2016

Weekend Movies and Sewing

It's a busy week of gearing up for my trip to the Nebula Awards weekend, and I have a mile-long to-do list. Fortunately, I mostly finished my sewing over the weekend. I just have to sew on the hooks and eyes, which I'll do while watching TV tonight. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. It's not perfect, but I figure it's at the same or higher quality than something that would have cost about the same at a store. I don't see myself starting to make all my own clothes, but it's nice to have an option for things that I can't find at a store. This particular item didn't seem to exist anywhere that I could find.

Because I was sewing a lot, and a lot of it involved hand work because I was hand basting before doing the machine sewing (smoother through the machine than pins), I did some movie watching, catching up on some OnDemand stuff on HBO.

So, I finally saw Pitch Perfect 2. The first movie was cute, but was mostly about the music, with the plot almost being an afterthought. The sequel barely even tried with a plot. It was so by-the-numbers that the writers clearly weren't trying to come up with something to string together the musical numbers. If you didn't figure out just about everything that would happen for the resolution within the first ten minutes of the movie, you either don't see a lot of movies or weren't paying attention (gee, do you think it will end up being important that the plucky newcomer likes writing songs?). I think a lot of my amusement stemmed from the fact that the lead woman on the "enemy" team played a pivotal Game of Thrones guest role, and I was blurring the two roles in my head. Still, it was fun for background noise while sewing, and the music is good. I'd love to try singing something like that.

Then there was Jurassic World, or as I've dubbed it, "Too Stupid to Live: The Movie." Just about every plot development in the story happened because of someone making a massively bad decision. The story would have gone nowhere if everyone had exhibited basic common sense. And, again, you kind of know exactly how it will all work out based on the first ten minutes. I was cheering for the dinosaurs. It was okay for background noise while sewing, but I think I'd have been bored just watching. The best part was all the memes that came out of the raptor training scene and the way that became a thing for zookeepers to act out and photograph.

Now to plan my travel wardrobe -- it turns out it's going to be cooler than I expected, so that changes some of my plans -- do laundry, clean the house, prepare some promo materials, start packing, finish sewing, finish setting up my tablet so I'll have all the logins for my usual sites, etc., etc.

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