Thursday, May 05, 2016

Getting Ready to Go

I have now survived children's choir for the year. Yay! They were adorable and I was glad to give them back to their parents. I was rather pleased by the number of Star Wars shirts on both adults and children at the program, on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you).

I also had a voice lesson yesterday from one of the grad students who's been singing with our choir. It was a "reward" from supporting her fund drive for a music program. It was pretty intense, and I ended up feeling a workout kind of sore -- not a scratchy sore throat, but like all the muscles I use for singing, including my vocal cords, were tired. We picked out some music that I may try singing the next time I need to sing for church.

Today I start really preparing for next week's trip, with a desperately needed haircut. My hair does fine going a long time between cuts, and then suddenly it will be like a switch is flipped and it's no longer doing fine. So, that's about to be taken care of. I'll also start really work on sewing my top for the banquet. It's all cut out and I've done some hand basting, but today I'll get out the sewing machine.

I also need to set up my new tablet that I got yesterday. I got a fairly low-end one that wasn't very expensive, just to see how I use it and how it works. I'll mostly be using it for travel so I don't have to lug the laptop on trips like this, so next week's trip will be the shakedown cruise. I got a Bluetooth keyboard case to go with it, so I can write. I doubt that much book writing will happen next week, but I'll be able to do stuff like blog posts.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to brainstorm my next book, but I seem to keep getting ideas for the two books in the queue after this one.

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