Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Ugh, Mornings

I've had to get up early (for me) for four days in a row now, since I had a dentist appointment. And it was even raining. I know that people who work regular jobs are playing the world's tiniest violin for me right now, but setting my own schedule and not having to get out of bed early on rainy mornings is one of the perks of this career that makes me reconsider when I get fed up and frustrated with the business. It's worth dealing with the uncertainties and craziness to have that kind of freedom. To make matters even more fun, my weather radio went off with a severe thunderstorm warning right as I was getting dressed, but fortunately the bad stuff had just cleared this area before I had to leave.

Tomorrow, though, is going to feel like a weekend when I finally don't have to set an alarm.

There's something about my dentist appointments. My "winter" appointment used to fall in late January or early February, and it tended to be sleeting on that day. Now that my schedule has shifted a bit, I guess I'm getting thunderstorms.

The other thing that tends to happen during dentist appointments is that's when my agent always calls with news. In fact, I got my initial offer of representation during a dentist appointment. Nothing this time, alas.

But this kind of weather is excellent for writing, so I'll be going offline all afternoon and settling down with the book.

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