Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Torturing Characters

It's hard to force myself to move forward on huge career goals when I'm still recovering from being sick. I walked to the polling place to vote yesterday, and while the exercise felt good, it utterly flattened me. I managed to re-read the last week or so of work, but I could barely keep my eyes open. I ended up going to bed shortly after nine, reading for a while until I caught myself drifting off over the book, then turned out the light at ten. And then slept until almost ten. But I feel a lot more energetic today.

I also realized late in the day yesterday that I don't have children's choir tonight. I had a mental lesson plan, but it's a children's worship service tonight. I have even more lesson plan ideas after last night, when I had a very vivid and realistic dream about all the activities I'd set up for tonight, only to realize that we weren't having choir. We have one session next week, then spring break, and then I just need to get through April. Woo hoo!

Now to get back into the book. I'm at the good part when things get really intense. Oh, my poor characters. It's probably a good thing that I can get the sequel to this book out as soon as I have it written because I suspect people will want it as soon as possible. I don't have an actual cliffhanger planned, but I think this book will end with the characters in a difficult place.

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