Monday, March 21, 2016

Life in Order

I finished my draft Friday evening, and now I get a week of getting the rest of my life back in order before I dive into the serious editing and polishing. That starts today with reminding my parents what I look like, so I need to throw a few things in the car and go.

The rest of the week, I have choir, Good Friday and Easter services, an Easter egg hunt, and dance class. Meanwhile, I got my loaner harp yesterday and am having fun learning to play it. I've managed to tune it and to play one song (badly), but I think I'm picking it up faster than I did the piano. I'm using the same book and the same music, so perhaps the piano was what started training my brain for this. This is a smallish Celtic harp, not the full concert harp. It's somewhat portable -- has a carrying case, and all -- so I could bring it to local events to play, but I wouldn't want to try to fly with something like this.

Regular activities will resume later in the week, but for now, my parents are going to start wondering when I'll get there.

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