Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting Stuff Done

I'm hoping today to finish the current round of revision/editing on the current project. However, I have a lurking, threatening headache that may hamper that somewhat. The weather is making yet another dramatic shift, and that tends to trigger headaches. The kids didn't help last night. They were screaming and running in circles, for no reason, and after being reprimanded, they'd just start doing it again. I've met most of their parents, so I know these kids aren't being raised in barns, but sometimes you'd think it had never occurred to them that they can't just run around like maniacs wherever they go. It's like there's zero self-restraint. It makes me want to try the dog training technique of making the dog wait until you give the command before it goes for its treat. I'm not sure these kids would be able to hold back. They'd grab the treat instantly, then whine because their treat was gone.

But then the adult choir director made a TARDIS joke during rehearsal, and that improved my mood, mostly because my mind was already there before he said it. He'd been encouraging people to think "open" in their heads to make a round tone, like their mouths are bigger on the inside, and just as I thought "like the TARDIS," he said it. I couldn't help but laugh, and he said, "You were already there, weren't you?" There was a joke referring to Primeval (the series) not too long ago, so I suspect the choir director is a geek. This shouldn't be a huge surprise, I suppose, as he's the one who kept putting Harry Potter movies in the DVD player during the bus trip last summer.

Only seven more weeks of children's choir. I may survive this year. I haven't decided about next year. There are times I love it, but I'm kind of drained right now.

I was going to declare today Get Stuff Done Day and clear all the nagging items from my to-do list. That includes things that shouldn't be a big deal but I've been procrastinating like crazy for no apparent reason, just a raging case of the don't wannas. Maybe once I finish the draft this afternoon, I'll devote tomorrow morning to Getting Stuff Done, and then this weekend may be a combination reading binge and brainstorming "retreat" to start thinking about the sequel. Little bits and pieces have been popping into my head. I'm hoping we'll finally meet a character I put a lot of thought into developing in the first book but who ended up never actually appearing. I know a shocking amount of details about the life of a character who's only mentioned a couple of times, so now I want to write at least one scene for her. She'll never be a major player, but she will probably be the main "real world" person from whom the magical secret must be kept.

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