Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting Lost

The trouble with spending a few days having a real life away from the Internet is that the Internet keeps going in my absence, so I have even more to catch up on when I return to the computer.

It's spring break around here, which normally wouldn't affect me, but it means all my extracurricular activities are on hold for the week, and that puts me in spring break mindset. I don't have urgent writing work to do, but I do have business stuff I should start taking care of, even if I really just want to spend the day reading and knitting. I don't think I'm that affected by the time change. Oddly enough, I woke up at the same time, by the clock, as I did before the change (which means I automatically woke up an hour earlier). I'm thinking of going out of town later this week, so I can't just declare today a break day.

I had a splendid day of hiking on Friday. You know it's been a good day when your jeans are muddy from the knees down. I'm going to have to take them out to the back porch and give them a good shaking/beating before I can wash them, and I may need to run them on their own through a cycle before I put them in the washer with anything else. There was even a time when I wasn't entirely sure where we were because we'd had to weave around enough obstacles that I lost my bearings. We had GPS, so we weren't really lost, and in that area, there's a river on one side, levee on one side, a field (and I think a canal) on one end, and highway on the other end, so you'll eventually run into something that tells you where you are, but I'm not sure I could have just started walking and ended up where I wanted to be. But then I figured out that I could navigate by Southwest Airlines. We were under the flight path to Love Field, and the planes were following the same path, every few minutes. I just had to wait for a plane to fly over and then orient myself to the angle where I'd seen the planes the last time I knew where I was. And from there, I had a good sense of where to go. There's something strangely reassuring about that, and there's something nice about getting really lost and then getting reoriented. It's like rebooting the brain.

Now I'm going to take care of a few things on my to-do list and let myself relax after that.

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