Monday, January 24, 2011

Well, So Much for Monday Morning

I managed to get a supremely late start on the day. I did stay up late reading last night, but not that late, and yet I just couldn't seem to wake up this morning. I even left the heat on last night, so it wasn't a case of not wanting to leave the warm bed. I just couldn't seem to wake up entirely, and it was a big shock when I finally looked at the clock. So now I feel like I'm running late on a day that tends to be busy.

The ongoing decluttering project got derailed a bit when my shredder died. I found out that you're supposed to let them rest, so that "just one more page" thing was a bad idea. I'll have to get a new one this week, but in the meantime, I can do some more sorting. I planned to do it today, but I have so much work that needs to be done and lost too much time to laziness.

I wasn't overly enthusiastic about the new Roger Ebert movie show. While the idea of using bloggers with various areas of expertise to talk about movies is good in concept, they should probably have tried to find people who were capable of reading from a prepared script without sounding so much like they're reading from a prepared script. Ebert's computer-generated robo-voice had more animation and spontaneity to it. My brain just clicks off when I feel like I'm being read to, so I missed half the show, even while watching it. What would be awesome would be going back to the original format, with Ebert's robo voice and a medium to channel Siskel from beyond the grave. Ebert's computer could give his review, and then the medium's eyes would flip back in her head and she'd intone in a spooky voice, "I disagree, Roger." During Siskel's otherworldly rebuttal, Ebert would be furiously typing away on his counterpoint. It would be the best movie review show ever!

And now to get caught up on my "morning" stuff so I can get on with my very late day. I'm totally setting an alarm tomorrow, so I'll have no excuse for not realizing what time it is, even if I don't stick my head above the covers.

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