Friday, January 14, 2011

Something Good, Something Nasty (in the woodshed)

First, in case recent events and the subsequent spate of "you awful, horrible, hateful people should be more civil in your discourse, you $*%*%%$" diatribes have depressed you, here's a news story that will restore your faith in humanity, courtesy of Japan: A mysterious wave of anonymous generosity. If you're like me and resist clicking on links, in short, there's been a recent wave of anonymous donations to organizations assisting needy children (like orphanages) in Japan, given in the name of a Japanese superhero who, in the story, was an orphan who grew up to give things to his former orphanage. And now there are copycats. It's becoming a trend. That's kind of awesome, that it becomes a cool thing to help orphans.

Second, a TV programming note: I think a few people here have mentioned liking the show Human Target. It was apparently pre-empted Wednesday by the Tucson memorial service (I forgot to set the recorder before going to choir), but according to the digital cable guide from Time Warner, it will be shown on Fox tonight, two hours worth, in the full Fox prime-time slot (7-9 Central). It wasn't even listed in today's newspaper, so it must have been a very last-minute change. I think this is worthy of a pizza tonight, and will be followed by a writing binge.

Speaking of writing binges, I did one last night and ended up with 23 pages. I'm down to about the last third of the book, and I suspect I'll do my usual thing of writing the last quarter of the book in one week, after taking months to write the beginning. I feel like I'm on a roll. I haven't done a Friday late-nighter in a while. Back when I had a regular job, that was when I got most of my writing done. I'd make dinner and watch The X-Files, then after that, I'd make a pot of tea and write until I either ran out of things to write or couldn't stay awake. It was something I looked forward to all week. It may also be a reason I'm still single, as I avoided going out on Friday nights (not that I had too many offers), and a few guys got themselves removed from consideration when they called during that time because, as they said, they knew I'd be home. I figured that counted as Missing The Point Entirely, which meant that they would ultimately be incompatible with me. The writing time is sacred.

My subconscious has had a weird link to the real world. Yesterday morning, I woke up thinking about the movie Cold Comfort Farm (all together now: "I saw something nasty in the woodshed!") and was mentally comparing it to the book. I can get the book from the library, but it's been ages since I saw the movie, and I wanted to remind myself about the movie. Then I discovered last night that it was on one of the HBO channels this morning. So, I got up this morning, made scones and tea, and spent my morning watching the movie. Now I need to request the book from the library. That book should make a good future blog post subject because there are some very odd things about it that don't show up in the movie, and that's probably for the best (here's a hint: the book is actually kind of science fiction).

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Awww, the story about Japan has me all warm and fuzzy. :)