Friday, January 28, 2011

Almost Done!

I only have about fifty more pages to go! Well, fifty more pages to my target page count. It's possible that I'll have more story than that because some unexpected things happened along the way and I still have two major events to go. This kind of book can be a bit longer, but on the other hand, publishers like shorter books these days because of production and shipping costs. I'll probably just do a ruthless edit and make it really, really tight if I do end up going longer than planned. There's one scene I wrote last night that possibly borders on fanfic shippyness, though I think I could justify its inclusion. It kept eating into my brain, so I had to write it. When I revise the book, I'll decide how important it really is and if it really belongs there.

It seems like the TV networks are assisting me in giving me extra writing time tonight, which I'll need as I have to sing for a funeral this afternoon. No condolences necessary. I never met this person. I just sing and have a flexible schedule, so when they need an ensemble for a funeral service, it's something I can do. Anyway, from what I'm hearing, they won't be showing a new episode of Supernatural tonight, though the Yahoo TV listings still have it. I haven't checked the TimeWarner digital cable guide, but it usually doesn't acknowledge evening programming until around five. I could have sworn I saw a listing for a new Phineas and Ferb tonight earlier in the week, but now it's not showing up in the listings. So, yeah, I'll be writing like a maniac. There may even be gleeful cackling when I'm working on the good parts.

And now, since I've let the morning get away from me, I need to go take a shower and get dressed to go learn the funeral music.

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