Friday, February 12, 2010


We eventually got 12.5 inches of snow within 24 hours -- the biggest single-day snowfall on record for this area. It started snowing around 3 in the morning and went non-stop until about 3 the next morning.

Here's how thick the snow on my front hedges looked at about 11 last night:

Mind you, the forecast was for two inches. The science geek weatherman had an explanation for that, something to do with a slight temperature change at a critical time that made all the difference. It was rather entertaining watching all the local stations covering this as a Big News Event. On my regular station, they weren't getting too cute with it. One reporter just jokingly called it "Snowmageddon." But the CW station had labeled it as "Snow-M-G" and had graphics to go with that name. Ugh.

I got next to nothing done all day. I kept staring out the window, then took a short walk to look at the snow and take pictures, then had to post pictures online, then had to see what my friends were saying about the snow. There were a few phone calls with friends and family, and then I had to make some shortbread because snow requires cookies. I may be all grown up and long out of school, but I still caught myself watching the list of school closings on the news last night. I live in one city but am in the school district of another city, and the intersection I live on is the border with another school district, so I was watching all three. The city district and the district across the street cancelled classes for today, but the one I actually live in was still saying just opening two hours late as of last night, probably because it's a more compact district with fewer transportation issues. Still, even though I'm not actually in school, I was all disappointed that my district wouldn't have a full snow day. However, this morning they were announced as closed, which should mean that I can consider myself officially on a snow day.

Unfortunately, I have a panel at ConDFW today, and the roads are actually pretty clear, if wet. It's already above freezing. I'll probably do my panel and then come straight home instead of staying for the parties tonight because I don't want to be out when the temperature drops below freezing again. And now I guess I'd better get my act together and start preparing for the convention.

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