Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Snow Day

We were supposed to have more snow today, about one or two inches by noon. Apparently, it's all just to the south of me, as I haven't seen a flake yet (well, aside from that oddly dressed person walking down the street -- seriously, denim cropped pants, in this weather?). Not that I'm complaining, as we've had more than enough snow this year. I just think that I'm still four at heart and if they promise me snow, I want a snow day. I guess forecasting two inches and getting nothing is more accurate than forecasting two inches and getting twelve.

I only thought I'd reached the end of rewriting scenes I'd already written. I'd forgotten that I'd added a scene, which will now need reworking because I realized (or changed my mind about) what was really going on. But maybe today if I'm really good and get to work soon instead of goofing off too much, and if my phone will stop ringing as soon as I sit down to work, then maybe I'll get the rewriting all done and can start seriously adding to the word count.

I do think the long process in this book is helping because normally I don't figure out what the book is really about and what's really going on until I've written the first draft. Then I have to rewrite the whole book. This time, I figured out what was really going on in the first third of the first draft, and now that I've rewritten all of that, maybe when I move forward I'll be closer to the finished product.

And now I think that all my creativity must be going into the book because I can't think of anything more to say today, and any of the topics lurking at the back of my mind would likely turn epic and eat a good hour that I could be using to write my book.

Maybe I'll have something to say tomorrow.

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